World Tech Employer brand
Global awards for human resource management in Tech companies

Helsinki, Finland
April, 27 2019

What for?
Tech companies get HRM challenges with far more speed than others. World Tech Employer Brand is an award that shows how to be best when it is hard to breathe and challenges come again and again.
Everyone can see practical cases from real companies and be inspired here.
One successful day with HRM cases from Tech market and great evening event with Ceremony
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Workplace culture
Recruitment Degree
HR Analitics
Startup culture
Inspiring community
Internal communications
Talent Development
First steps
HR Combinator
HR Innovator
Global Leadership
Event for employees

Benefits of entering WTEBA

Try it to get an opportunity to tell & develop your own competence story of your company
- An access to high expertise feedback from HRM professionals all over the world no matter if you are small innovative company or Fortune 1000
- Growing your employer brand by entering a professional competition
- Promotion to thousands IT workers who will know about your cases on most popular job webpages.
The ceremony
The World Tech Employer Brand Award ceremony is celebration of highlighted open minds from IT HR global community. By attending the awards you will have the opportunity to see best projects from global companies and network with HR professionals and learn about the strategies that raise the profile of HR.

The ceremony for the first global tech awards for HRM will take place on Friday 27th April 2019, at Helsinki.

Dress code: A5
See best cases from world Tech leaders
Ask questions, take knowledge, address practical advice

How to enter
1. Type the form below
2. Wait for call from WTEBA Curator

More answers
Please, type the form
Who can enter World Tech Employer brand award?
Any international tech company with more than two offices in different countries
How many categories can we pick?
You can apply up to 5 categories
How much does it cost to enter
First year it is free of charge
Who are the judges
The WTEBA will be judged by a panel of well-known professionals from leading companies.
Contact us
Inna Chernyshova
WTEBA community leader
Julia Aslamova
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